Make Your Laundry More Sustainable

Make Your Laundry More Sustainable

So how do you make your laundry more sustainable?  Doing laundry is just something that we do as part of the house chores.  But did you know that by simply changing a few habits while washing your clothing (so you don't stink like a dirty surf bum) can make a bigger impact than you think? 

Here are 7 tips on how to make your laundry routine more sustainable.

1 - Only Wash Full Loads - Instead of doing multiple mini loads of clothes, wait until you have a full load to run the washing machine.  This saves water, energy and time.

2 - Wash Less Often - Sometimes you might wear a shirt for an hour before deciding to change into something else.  Why throw that shirt in the dirty pile if it didn't get dirty.  One less wash and less wear on the shirt.  

3 - Use Dryer Balls - Using dryer balls means less dry time and less waste than using dryer sheets that end up in the trash.  Plus you can add your own non toxic essential oil to the dryer balls for fresh clean smelling socks.

4 - Remove Lint After Each Load - Sometimes this one can be easily skipped if you're in a rush or get distracted with those crazy groms running around.  Making sure to clean the the dryer lint trap will help create better air circulation and less dry time, which leads to less energy used.  Better for the planet and your utility bill. 

5 - Hang Dry Your Clothes - Hang drying your clothes makes your clothes last longer.  Saves wear and tear on your dryer.  And saves energy being used to dry your clothes in the dryer.

6 - Use Non Toxic Sustainable Detergent - Detergents that are made from strips, refills or even DIY are safer for our water systems and make less waste versus the ones bought in plastic containers that end up in landfills.  

7 - Buy Clothes Made From Organic Fabrics - This one is most important for our oceans, streams and water sources.  When we buy clothes made from synthetics (i.e. plastics) those tiny little fibers shed during the washing process and enter our water system.  When you buy clothes made from organic cotton for example, there are no micro plastics breaking off during the washing process.  Think of all the dryer lint you clean after each load.  That's just what comes off of your clothes in the dryer.  Think about what already came off during the washing process then went down the drain.  

Now it's time to wash with purpose and make an impact one eco friendly thread at a time.  

Stay Rad!!